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Photoshop CS5 create a cool wallpaper

Hello and welcome to the video on Photoshop. The video shows a short tutorial on how to make a cool wallpaper using Photoshop CS5. The video is really good and makes easier to understand various concepts on Photo shop. The tutorial also explains basic concepts of Photoshop CS5.

Okay hello you tube, today I am gonna show you how to make a wall paper it looks like this I mean it looks very great. I saw a tutorial but it was in German but it was bit hard to follow so I decided to make one in English. So the first thing you need to do is open Photoshop I am using CS5 but CS4 work as well because the procedure is exactly the same. Now I go to file, new and name you can leave whatever you want I name it background and then I am gonna set width and height equal to my desktop resolution. Ammm make sure you make it your resolution that looks best so 1000 to 180 by 100 set the color mode to RGB color and 8 bit hit ok.

Okay now you need to color the background into black so choose the paint bucket tool and make sure the font color is black and simply click ok that colors it black. Okay now we need to enter bit of text so we simply click the text tool and make the color bright color so it makes it easier to see what you are doing so I am gonna make it like orange color like this one if you like it you can select exactly the same the code is ffc000 so hit ok and type in whatever text you want I am gonna type in you tube, you tube okay choose the font as to be as thick as possible. So ammm make the font as thick as possible, I downloaded the font called terminator real it looks pretty good but you can choose for example ammm cooper standard that’s look very good or any other similar font.

So I am gonna select terminator a terminator real you can download it online, its not hard to find it simply Google it. Okay now you gonna align ammm, so I am just gonna choose my font color the black I need to align the text with the background to make it everything in the center so simply control click on this one and on the background and the you go to this like icon here and this one icon here and that aligns it perfectly in the center. Okay now did you done this you need to make a new layer, go to filter, go to render and clouds and now you it should look something like this. You can go to filer clouds again or simply hit ctrl f to change it until u find one you like okay this looks pretty good or lets see okay okay this looks pretty good you simple find the one you like and stick to it.

Okay now you go to filter ammm filter, sketch and chrome okay and a little window should pop up looks like this. You can experiment with as long as you like but I found the best look for me is when I put the detail on 5 and smoothness on 6 so I am just gonna hit ok and you should end up with something like this. Simply ammm click on the layer go to this little menu here and select a color dodge ok and it should appear like nothing but it’s not true we will see later you go back to your text right click on it and select a duplicate layer so I am gonna name it you tube copy, ok now right click again and go to Resterize Type. Now you did this, you need to make 3 copies of it simply click on layer and hit ctrl J, 3 times for 3 copies so now you go to copy number 2, or actually the first copy you made and go to filter blur and motion blur okay now set the angle to 0 and the distance to whatever u like m gonna leave it 120 may be make it 130 a little bit bigger 150 okay 150 looks good hit ok.

Then go to copy number 3 go to same thing filter a blur and motion blur now set the angle to 45 degrees and leave the distance same as it was before hit ok and go to last copy go to filter, blur, motion blur and set the angle to negative so -45 degrees and hit ok. Now you will be showing up something like this. Now you need to blend all these layers into 1 so simply click on copy number 4 and hit ctrl D ammm sorry ctrl E ok ctrl E again and ctrl E again so now do not the text so it does not appear here. Okay now you have everything on one layer okay now go to filter, go to blur and go to this guassian blur, I don’t know how to read this okay and now u choose it whatever you want it goes you see it makes like this spread or I don’t know how to name.
You choose how large it should be so you can go to like to 250 pixels that looks something like one second something like this it’s not bad but I don’t like it. For example that is like 80 or 90 may be 100 pixels. Let’s say 85, 86. 2 okay hit ok. okay now you need to pull this layer beneath your text layer so simply click and drag it beneath your text layer and over your background layer. Now turn on text again ok now you need to change the color of text to black so select your text tool and simply a mark the text and change the color to black now you can see it better. Okay now as you done this you go to right click on your text layer and go to blending options okay here you have stroke so you select stroke and I am gonna choose a white stroke around it and 3 pixel in size that’s look pretty good, go to Barrels and Ambrose okay and then you put the depth, the technique to choose is hard the depth all the way up so to 1000 and now I select the size how big you want it, I will make it too big or just do what you like and then if you want to soften it up I like it to look, I I like it when it looks like this like rough edges okay and hit ok.

One thing I forgot to say as you go to layer called you tube copy ammm you go to image, adjustments and go to hue and saturation and now you can change the color to whatever you like. So for you tube I am gonna choose like a red color because I think it looks really really sleek okay wait wait a second okay hold this is to red no actually, actually its look good ok now you choose the saturation what amount of color you like from red ammm to as you like it okay this looks good and the lightness so it should be light, it should be dark whatever you like it I think this looks pretty good okay. Now go back to your text and simply put the capacity little bit down to I don’t know just put it down until you get the until you get it just a way like it I am gonna put it around 7% I think it looks pretty good. Okay and that’s it simply go to file, go to save as, ammm type in whatever you want I am gonna type in ammm you tube wallpaper and save it and jpeg format and simply hit the save button. Okay I am gonna put the quality on maximum hit ok and this is it so this is the new one I made so simply set it as desktop background okay you can see it is little different but it’s not a big change. So you can do whatever you want, but I made my nick name and it looks pretty amazing, it looks something like this and well that’s it for now I hope I can make few more videos on how to make cool wallpapers and please write comments and see you later bye!

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