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Photoshop Reflection Tutorial

Hi, welcome to photoshop post. By watching this screencast, you will learn how to do a simple tutorial on Adobe photoshop. Easy to follow steps are given in this video to do it easily. Therefore, you just need to follow the steps and do according to that. You will surely enjoy this screencast.

Hey, guys welcome to first screencast. Today I am going to be showing you how to do a simple tutorial on Adobe photoshop. This one will be simple may be on the whole I will be adding some more tensed ones, but since this is first screencast I am gonna be keeping it simple reflection tutorial. I am sure there are many other versions I have to do this it out there but this I how I do it. To avoid wasting some time I already added my text, my text is one hundred point pixels. So, my image is also three hundred fifty by five hundred widths. If you like to keep this dimensions but it is upto you, on how big your banner or logo or whatever this is, it is upto you.

So I have my text here I am using the Arial font as that is the basic font. You can also change your bevel, colors, stroke whatever you would like. I don’t really recommend using drop shadow as drop shadow is not blend in with your reflection. So here, you going to duplicate your layer the layer of text. My computer is going somewhat slow today so co-operating so trying to get this done as quickly as possible. So here, we go we duplicate our layer, click ok. Off course the layer names is not a matter at all. We go up to edit, transform, edit transform then click flip vertical should be right on top of your other text. Your first layer, select your duplicated layer of text and drag it down.

I prefer like you do not use letters such as P in your text, but it is possible as you have to move the P in a separate way then the others other letters because otherwise you will overlap and not look so much like a like a reflection. So, this Q I am just gonna live like this, I don’t want them to overlap so it messes up your reflection. Now to Rasterize Tape on your duplicated layer, the one that is up side down. So once you said edit, transform again, edit transform perspective, the reason that you change it to Rasterize it because you have to change your perspective know way you can do that by the rest you get to see it. So you change the height to ninety it is not matter whether or not you have a percent sign but changing it to ninety will do, or shrink it a little. So looks more like more of a reflection then it would and a font posing height you apply the changed relation. Now you have to move the text up little just to the tip of your last letter, may be depends on what letters you have touch just like your Q, the one that overlap the tip of your touch.

So, now there is no whole lot else to do besides may be you can have a wave of water if you want it to look like a water reflection. You can also change the color of the bottom one which I don’t, I do recommend it, but its upto you. You can also have it blend in your background, as it will look more like a reflection. But right here I am going to change the capacity as the time on this is not going to a. So, change it to about twenty-four percent. Here I am going to show how to make a blend in, so here we are on layer style on your duplicated text, and we have over a worst black to white. If you are using a transparent background, you can just make up back to mask to blend it into a transform. And here you see that we have a, we have new reflection and it is complete and if would like to add some more things to it. Thank you for watching the screencast by

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