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Photoshop Tutorial – Adobe Photoshop CS3 – Clone Stamp Tool

Hi folks, I am back here with another excellent video I found on. This is about the clone stamp tool used in Photoshop CS3. I found this tool very useful. This tool is very useful, to make you photos, images and pictures more charming that before. With some simple, easy to follow steps you can work out this tool on any picture you want, just like how he has performed in this video.

Now I have opened up a new image and I am going to demonstrate the features of the stamp tool, and you can get to the stamp tool or clone tool, by clicking there or by pressing S. And I am gonna zoom in here, get right there close on the face. And show you some of the new features. Right of hand the tool bar appear here, it doesn’t look all that different, except for right here, where this is to be, a checkboxes, instead of a drop down. But the thing it did change, right here I have a new tool palette, that I am going to pull of from there. and just put it right here, so I can get to it easier, and it doesn’t close on me.

And it is the, this is the clone source, the tool palette. Now make sure you work on a different layer. You can either duplicate the layer, or just create a new one all together, and make sure you are working on a separate layer. That way, um… that way you can go back and change things as you need, and you are not actually damaging the original photo so its not destructing it.

So I am gonna reset my source. And lets do the chick right here. and I want to make sure it is sampling the either all layers, or my layer below. And that’s what I want, I am gonna get that layer, from anywhere I get my source from that layer there. And going to expand this brush, and clone out that baggy eyes here just a little bit. And you can see that its probably a little too much, but that’s okay this is just a demonstration. So I am gonna move over to this eye here, and I actually may be I need to go back and work on that. So instead of just resetting my clone source by hitting, clicking again, I am going to change the clone source here. What this is, is a kind of like a preset, up to five different presets you can use.

And, change through here. So I am gonna click on the second one, it is going to become my next source. And I am going to be able, clone that our really quick, and I pulled the source from there and then I need to go back to other source to fixe it up because it does not look great. I can click on that and that is back where it was before. See that we can switch between the two. And I am actually gonna back in to the history, just a little bit. So now you can see, this become very useful if you are working on an image size, you need to constantly touching and needing different resources from.

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