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Photoshop Tutorial: Creating Effective Clouds!

Hello friends, today we are going to learn how to create clouds using Photoshop. In this tutorial i will show you a method of creating really nice clouds in any photo you have. There are some basic tools that can help us to create magnificent cloudy atmosphere. However, first you should know some basics of photoshop. This makes learning photoshop easier. I have also posted a video showing the entire procedure of creating clouds.

Here is it,

Hey there, and welcome to another Photoshop tutorial from IceFlows studios. And in this tutorial, I will be showing you a method of creating a really nice realistic clouds, just like you see, in front of us. And is going to be lot different in the standard way that, people create clouds in Photoshop, which is as follow. They create a new document; they choose their background color, which is typically a blue color for the sky. Foreground color, which is the cloud color. And they got to filter, render, clouds, which gives you a sort of a cloud type effect. But if we, compare to what we going to be working with, ours is lot more puffier, more realistic and is lots more customizable. I show you how that works very shortly.

We gonna create our clouds using custom brush that we going to create. I created this brush yesterday, I am very happy with the results that I got. So, I am gonna show you how to do that right now. So here we have a brand new document, with gradient, which is, gonna act as a background, and you can use any color you want. You can use, gradient or solvent color, doesn’t matter. What we are going to do, we gonna grab our brush tool right over here. And we are going to start with creating a very standard soft brush. I am gonna set them diameter to 500 and the hardness to 0%. We gonna go in to brush dynamics. I have done tutorials in past on brush dynamics. So if you don’t how they work, go back to that tutorial and you will be able to find out. So, to access brush dynamics, we go to window and then brushes. And here is our brush dynamics dialogue box. Now we gonna go from top to bottom, going over all the options that we need to add.

The first one, we gonna click on, brush tip shape. We gonna verify few options. We gonna make sure our diameter is set to 500 pixels. We gonna make sure hardness is set to 0% to give a nice soft brush and spacing I am gonna set to 30%. Next in the list is shape dynamics. We gonna set the size tab all the way up to, 100%. And you notice down at the bottom here, preview of what the brush will look like. So as we scroll, the preview changes to reflect what the brush will look like. Going down, we have out control set to fade, And the value is going to be 20. The minimum diameter is going to set to be 20%. And rest of the option we gonna keep as the default. Next we gonna look at scattering. We gonna keep scattering at both axes, at 120%. Controls is going to be at off. 10, 100% and off so the default is fine.

Now the next is texture, texture is very, very, very important to get the good results. For me the most important aspect of this brush is texture. And we are going to using well the cloud texture. Now I believe all versions of Photoshop include these textures. All you have to do is right click here, and then click on this texture, right here. We hover a mouse over it. It says clouds. Now as for the options, we are going to set the skill to 500%. Color mode is set to color burn and I believe everything else is default.

And last set of options for brush dynamics, we are going to play with is other dynamics, which allows us to controls the opacity of our brush. So, the opacity is going to set to, 100%, control is going to be fade, 25, 0 and paint brushes. So, that’s the default as well. Most of the settings are default except for few of them. And if don’t have all these settings corrects, you can go back in the video to watch them again.

Now what we are going to do now, we gonna actually save our brush. So later on in the future, if we just wanna start creating clouds right away, all we have to do is, select our brush and do making start creating clouds. So in this style dialogue box, at the very bottom there is an icon, which a create new brush icon. We gonna click on that, and now we have the option to name our brush. I gonna name our brush, name it clouds and click ok. Now all we have to do later on, select our brush tool, and go down to the bottom of our very long list of brushes, and here we have it. our clouds brush.

Now how do we start creating clouds. Very simply, I am gonna start by creating a new layer. Its very important and selecting our foreground color which is going to be a color of our clouds. Or you can select any color you want I am gonna just select white. And all you have to do is just start clicking. I gonna click one right there and we have a nice puffy cloud. If we want another cloud, click again, click, click, click, click, click. Now that the great thing about using brushes and brush dynamics, is that you never wanna have, one cloud that’s exactly the same. You can as little clouds you want, or as many clouds you want. Its all up to you. And remember if you want more customization, head back in to your brush dynamics dialogue box, and play around with the settings. If you didn’t catch all the settings, go back in the video, and check them out again.

You can also do things like, different colors, for your clouds. Just like this, its fully customizable. And because its on a new layer, you can add things like a layer styles. So we can add up very slight, inner shadow, to give the clouds a little bit of depth. So anything you want, you can do using this method. Where as the, cloud filter method is little bit more, not as flexible.

So anyways, I hope you have learned something from this tutorial, definitely a very very good method of creating clouds. You can use it where you want, you can use it any of your photos, you can add clouds, its up to you. So if you are looking for more tutorials, including Photoshop Dreamweaver, flash, final cut illustrator coming soon, head over to if you are looking for great Photoshop community, including Photoshop contest, we commend really great prizes. Head over to This is bin haver from IceFlow studios. Until next time, take care.

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