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Photoshop Tutorials – Removing Imperfections

Hey there, welcome to my photoshop video blog. Today we are going to learn something about how to improve an imperfect photo at a professional level. This tutorial will exactly show you how to do that. It is very simple, and you need not to be an expert in photosho to do the same. Just follow the guidelines as mentioned in the following video and give a better finishing to a photo you wish.

So here is the video enjoy!

Hello again, just Richard Barley, a… I’m just going to give you a quick tip on converting to black and white and using curves. A… first we’ll go Image, Adjustment, Black and white.

Hi everyone, it’s Joe and today I am going to show you on Photoshop a…, how to a… improve or enhance a photo. Say for example I have got this picture of a… this elderly woman here and we are going try take a few years of her face. Don’t worry, it’s not me ha… ha… and ok, but let’s get started.

So you want to go on to a… the healing section on this and on left hand side and I am going to use the patch brush and basically I am going to go around this spot a… so it’s creates a selection. Click and drag and then Click and drag and drag it some where away you want to replace the same texture and then Photoshop will do the… do the rest. It will try and bundle the best it can.

As you can see here… there tried took a few of… of her wrinkles off her forehead and you can spend hours doing this a… a… to make someone look a lot younger or whatever, remove something from a photo. It’s got millions of pieces a… but this I find it the best to a… go off someone’s face and make her look a bit better. Ok, a… now you see she have pretty baddy eyes so if we go again, click and drag. Click and hold and select the area that you want to change the texture to and then drag… drag the texture to somewhere else and I am going to do for this eye, under this eye too.

And as I said I can spend ages doing this but I am not going to. Those also a… first option where you can click and drag and that will automatically try and fix a… the photo, whatever can. Try smooth it out or whatever and a… you can change the a… brushes, the top, whatever… all that stuff a… As you can see she looks a bit younger a… eyes all good, its three minutes work so you can also Alt choose the last setting on this… the second last setting and Alt click when you want color a… when you want the texture to change and click and drag and that’s will and that’s really useful tool.

Ok, a… if you have any a… tutorial suggestions for a… Photoshop or a… Vegas or anything else that you can think of that you want me to go over a… to make a tutorial of etc a… please write it in the comments. I… I am running out of ideas for tutorial Tuesday. Thanks, I am Joe and now…

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