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Reef Tank Photography: Photoshop Tips, Round Two

In this video, we have introduced Reef tank photography. You will get best photoshop tips in this video. You can get highlight details of photo using photoshop. In order to get the highlight details, you need to follow certain steps that are explained in this video.

All right, with that first video out of the way I am going to work through another photo. They will require about same sort of adjustments, but a little bit more quickly. So, go and begin by opening it in camera. Just go in to and click open image, not making any adjustments here. And, now open the photoshop. This photo actually has some highlight details that I want to make sure I don’t loose. So, what I am going do is use the highlights, shadows highlight command. Not into so much to shadows. I do want to hold on some of those highlights little bit. I think that looks little bit more flat. That’s okay I will bring in little contrast later.

In this one, I am going to make two adjustment layers and one curves layer to correct the terms this one is moving up my black point to get two black shadows. Okay too far that looks good and second one to get rid of this blue cast. Here we go that looks better that way. Actually, I am going to come back to my first layer there, bring up those highlights touch. And there you can see with just couple of adjustment this looks a lot better. And where we started it’s right there. So, back to where were, now next thing I am going to do is create just like I did it in first video.

Now do that by using the a feather of two hundred and fifty in my marking tool here. Want to drag in an area, I want darker. Inverse that slash in jump in your layer.

Set the blending style of that new layer to multiply. And now I have the darker edge here to keep the eye focused towards the center. So little bit to much, so reduce that. Down may be fifty two percent and off course since this is just a layer hat can always be changed later. If you decide that little too lighter or too dark i just go and change it. So finally resume in just a little bit here.

Go to flash opening folder to this so go to filter, sharpen, smart sharpen. Just see you can see what am doing I am gonna over sharpen this a little bit this upto close to two pixels. And may be sixty seven percent is okay and press ok. And gives me so much sharper appearance.

I think that’s all I am going to do with this one. But just you compare with where we started, this is where are now, this is where we started. That’s the intermediate start, not too bad. If you like me and you take a look at this and say oh it looks like you might have blown out some highlights. Then what you can do is just go back in to the curves layer, that make the adjustments in the terms.

And that’s it and select the layer mask and get a brush tool and we are going to make it little bit small. Select black and I am to select the capacity of about seventy five percent and then zoom in a couple of those areas that I think I like to recover like this. And then just paint in black, and the mask. See it’s a sudden change but that brings in that highlight detail again. And, you can do that wherever you feel like it needs it. If it turns out that seventy five percent capacity is not enough you can go over it a couple of times or you can increase the capacity. But that looks like it probably didn’t trek. All right there , here we are back at the end of the video.

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